Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sew the Show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. !!!

I am soooo excited right now. This Sew the Show month was SO MUCH FUN!! Not only am I proud to have actually done something with a deadline (not my forte), this concept got me out of a sewing rut! I made pieces and tried shapes that I wouldn't have otherwise.

Without further ado, here are my looks for the Friends-inspired Sew-the-Show month!

 It just so happens, Casey and I have been watching Friends again from the beginning, so I knew I wanted to something from those early years. I think the denim vest is classic Rachel for those first few seasons. I had denim and I had Simplicity 2556. Instant inspiration and I got to work. Then I pulled out a crinkly floral knit that a friend gave me and whipped up New Look 6271 for a high-waisted skirt to match. Rachel's coffee shop look was pretty much a denim vest or a tiny tee (or both) with a flippy skirt or mini skirt. If I had the time and the wherewithall, I'd have hunted down a choker, Keds and a little half apron, but I'm just glad I got this far, ha!
My girls were making fun of me posing for my own pictures. 

Speaking of tiny tees and mini skirts, I tried my vest on with my black scalloped skirt I made awhile ago (love it, wear it all the time) and a recently upcycled black tee. If this doesn't say Rachel, I don't know what does! Just a note, I added a placket under the buttonhole side of the vest, so that I can wear it on its own without skin showing through the front.
 I was on a roll and just couldn't stop! Also, I was surprised how much I liked the cropped tee with high waisted skirt on me, so I wanted to try more things. The same friend recently gave me this crazy rayon too and I didn't know what I'd ever do with it because this much print near my face isn't something I'd do. But it screams Phoebe, right!? Phoebe loves her bold maxi skirts! Too bad I didn't have clogs, haha! This is the same pattern, New Look 6271.

That does it. This was a blast. Added bonus, I only bought buttons. The denim has been in my stash forever and and the other fabrics were given to me. And the patterns were already in my stash. So this was practically free! Not bad.  think next month, you should join in the fun. I'm on pins and needles waiting to see which show she picks next month!

Here's the linky party so you can see the other entries!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

sewing simply

I made a couple pieces last weekend that make up sort of a different look for me. It started when I decided to give the Colette Astoria a try, from the current issue of Seamwork (I subscribe and highly recommend it! It includes two new pdf patterns for basic garments each month!)  I don't have a photo of that successful top yet, but it inspired me to try a high waisted skirt I'd just made with a cropped top.

I have a black rayon jersey t-shirt that I've had for probably five years. It's just from Target, but it's lasted forever! I noticed recently it had a tiny hole near the hem, though. This was the perfect chance to see if a cropped top could look good on me, so I hemmed it up three inches and wore it with this crinkle knit skirt I'd just made.
I like it! I'll try to share the Colette one soon. I can't pull off a tucked in look because I'm kinda short waisted, so this is a good alternative for me.

I've had company the last few days, but I'll be back in my sewing room this weekend! I'm inspired to make more basic things lately, which is why I love Seamwork!

Monday, April 13, 2015

DIY laundry detergent with essential oils

Good Monday, everyone! I am excited to share my successful laundry detergent recipe with you today!

If you live in a tropical climate like me, you understand the dilemma of never having fresh-smelling towels! We've used Arm & Hammer's liquid laundry detergent for years because Casey has sensitive skin and I felt like since it was made with baking soda, maybe it was less offensive in the chemical killer department, ha!

But, I got so tired of musty towels! And if I left a load in the washer overnight on accident, it required another couple of runs to get the mildew smell out.

Here's my recipe and then I'll tell you about my great results!

DIY doTERRA laundry detergent.

Grate a bar of unscented castille soap in a food processor. I bought this in bulk on Amazon. One bar grates up to about a cup and a half. Then switch blades in your processor and add equal parts of borax and super washing soda (both these are found in boxes in the laundry isle, usually on a top or bottom shelf). So I added a cup and a half of each, to match my castille soap.

THEN, add your doTERRA essential oils. About 10 drops per cup of detergent, so I added about 40. I chose to do Purify (the Cleansing Blend) and Grapefruit, 20 drops of each. I chose Purify because it's amazing at getting rid of smells! I diffuse it after I cook bacon or dogsit and my house smells great again, it's amazing.

Store in a glass container and use two or three Tablespoons per load.

So, for my results! This stuff is great!! No longer do we have musty smelling towels!! Casey even noticed yesterday that his towel didn't smell. I guess we'd gotten kinda used to it, haha. AND, the load I accidentally left in the washer overnight, still smelled fine in the morning! Yippee!!! I wouldn't say I can smell the essential oils on my clothes, but the lack of smell is fine with me. If you would prefer to smell the oils more, try adding more drops or try a stronger oil, like OnGuard or maybe Cinnamon and Wild Orange (ooooooh, I'm trying that next).

If you have questions about these essential oils, contact me in the comments or at penelopey4(@)yahoo(dot)com. I am working on those nifty page tabs up there! The "join my team" tab is finished and I even added a cool Google Form, which I didn't know I could do until yesterday. Learning lots :)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Sew the Show

I don't often enter sewing contests or link-ups because I can't handle the pressure. BUT, if you follow Alida Makes, you know she started a Sew the Show series a few months ago. Every month she picks a Netflix show and everyone sews up a look based on the show's fashions. This month is FRIENDS!!!! You guys, Casey and I have watched this show from start to finish so many times, it's not even funny. I'd been in a sewing slump (the last few things I've made have turned out to be duds!) so this was just the creative boost I needed! I immediately started looking for ideas.

The Facebook page associated with the contest is a pretty fun place. Today someone posted the infamous Rachel in Barbados dress. Don't we all need a statement sundress like this in our closet?

So far I have this denim vest. Do you know how many denim vests Rachel wears in the first few seasons? And overalls too, but I have exited the age bracket for pulling off overalls, haha. If you follow me on Instagram (which you can find via my pretty new button over there to the right, hehe), you may have already seen this.
It needs buttons and then it'll be done. I've made another piece to go with it, but I'm saving the finished look for the linky party!

I've been watching Murdoch Mysteries on Netflix while I sew lately. As long as my Internet cooperates, that is. It doesn't like to reach all the way upstairs! Frustrating, but oh, well. What do you watch or listen to while you sew?

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Check it ooouutt!

Ok, I have learned some coding skillz. And I'm pretty darn proud of myself! It's good to self-educate, right?? How's it look?? I'm so excited about how it's coming along, even though I have lots left to do! Some of the tabs up there are still blank, but I'm working on it!

You'll notice the change of name, I'm sure. All past Fancy That links will now redirect to the new URL. I waffled for weeks about whether to change the name of my blog to Eat, Pray, Diffuse, which is how I have branded my doTERRA business. In the end, I went for it. Fancy That, although it will always be special to me, is not an available domain name and there are multiple blogs and businesses with that name. But, no one has claimed Eat, Pray, Diffuse and that name is so fitting, I bought the domain name, along with and took the plunge!

Before I go further, don't worry, my blog will still be updated on Bloglovin' and other readers as far as I know, I'm just working on getting names changed over. Also, I'm going to go ahead and shut down the Fancy That Facebook page. If any of you rely only on that page for new posts, you'll want to be sure and follow me another way. I'm sorry! Although, I really don't think that anyone who follows me there doesn't also follow me on a reader. Let me know if I'm wrong.

But I want to tell you about the new name! Casey and I racked our brains for the perfect team name for our doTERRA biz and I finally landed on Eat, Pray, Diffuse. That's the name of our team's Facebook page too, which I'll be happy to add you to when you take the essential oil plunge with me, hehe. It's not only quippy, it's how I deal with stress, in that order: Eat, Pray, Diffuse. And then I sew, of course ;)

This blog will remain a blog about sewing and our life and all the things I've always blogged about but, I'm so excited to share how we use essential oils in our family too, including tips and "recipes". I'm trying a homemade laundry detergent right now that's amazing!

Thanks for listening and I'd love to hear your feedback on the new look!

(This was taken by my dear photographer friend Angela when she visited me and I love it :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

It works!!!

The Internet will not beat me! If you didn't notice the redirect, I am the proud owner of!! Check it out up there, yippee! This may seem like an easy thing, but once you have the domains purchased, you must redirect your blog's old URL to the new one and this is harder than it seems. For me, anyway, sheesh. I'm sure most people do this without a hitch, but I feel rather accomplished right now ;) I went with Bluehost for my domain, in case you're interested. I do think it's user friendly and the one time I called customer service, they were awesome. I'm still blogging on Blogger, though. I tried switching to Wordpress, but decided I wasn't up for the learning curve right now, haha.

So changes are coming! A change of name, for one, and some new tabs and links. I'm working on it, piece by piece!

We had a lovely Easter weekend. My mom came to visit! We were excited to see her :)

So, our weekend in photos:

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!

P.S. It occurs to me that I have no idea if I need to do anything on BlogLovin' or anywhere else to make sure my followers are still updated with my blog posts, now that my url has changed. If you have any insight on that, I'm all ears.

Friday, March 27, 2015

new tops, new camera

Hello, lovelies! I had a busy week, but what else is new? Haha.

I'm just gonna get right to the sewing :)

I really love Fabletics. They have great quality athletic wear and while the prices are decent, they're not low enough for me to flood my wardrobe with the stuff, if ya know what I mean. I had my eye on a drapefront sleeveless knit top. I came super close to ordering it, when I remembered I had a pattern just like it! AND I had just been gifted the perfect fabric to make it with. The pattern is Simplicity 1588, View A, which is not styled well on the envelope at all.

Here is my first copycat, which you already saw if you follow me on Instagram. (I'm into watching Murdoch Mysteries while I sew. I recommend it :)
And while I had the pattern out, I went ahead and made another one! I wore it for yoga that day (I do yoga at home, I really love Yoga with Adriene, she's my favorite,) hence the yoga pants. It stays put on my hips, even in downward dog :)

 Okay, prepare for an onslaught of unrelated photos, because I was GIFTED a new camera and just cannot get enough of it!! My D90 was damaged in the last move and while my little D50 was getting the job done, this D200 just blows both those out of the water and I am just floored that it's mine and by the generosity of my lovely friend!!!!

We are doggie sitting again. We love this dog. Seriously.

Red hair don't care. #gingerproblems

 Cardinals on my lanai! 
 Diffusing doTERRA cleansing blend with Grapefruit because big dogs stink, haha. This completely gets rid of any smell, even if you've been cooking bacon. Or something with fish sauce. I think it's cool how the camera captured the mist!
 A bee on my cucumber plant.

 This never gets old.
I am already having so much fun with the new camera, it's going to make my life and my blogging a whole lot more fun ;)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring!

It's the first day of Spring! Not that it means anything to the weather and I'm sure some of your states didn't get the memo. It's been beautiful here, though, of course. Actually this week marks our one-year of living here in Hawaii! I can't believe it's been that long. Last Easter we lived in a hotel. Mother's Day too, actually. Maybe I should celebrate by going back to the hotel this Mother's Day. Haha. Ah, the maid service and beach access.

Anywho, I visited the mainland last week and came home with a ginormous suitcase so full of fabric, I had to pay extra for my bag. It was totally worth it, though and I had planned on the extra expense. I do have a couple fabric stores here, but I pay so much more for everything and there are never sales or coupons. Not only did my friend Jenn give me fabric from her cleaned-out stash, she took me to her wonderful Mill End store, where I piled my cart high and then bought it all, without doing any head math and putting some back. Ha! For me, that's a big deal. But, in the end, I got 10 cuts of fabric for $80. Awesome!

I grabbed this knit, with a vision of this very style of dress in mind. I've seen sporty striped knit dresses like this on Pinterest. I pulled out McCall's 6559 and got to work.

You can see I added a casing to the outside, with a drawstring so it would blouse a little. I've made this pattern five times now, the dress three times and the cardigan twice! This was the curliest knit I've ever worked with, it was hilarious. I quite trying to press it and hem it, I just let it roll, haha.

I'd like to make another like this, I think. I have a couple other things to share and I whipped up a cute dress for Natalie yesterday. She finally made it into the size 10, lol, she's been an 8 for like, four years!

Have a lovely weekend!